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Reliable Debt Consolidation Agency in Malaysia

With over a decade of experience, Bluebricks is a trusted debt consolidation agency in Malaysia offering loan consolidation and rejected services.

We are committed to helping people regain control of their finances and plan for a debt-free future. Our certified staff will help our customers satisfy their financial needs and develop a plan of action to address their financial situation.

Save With Debt Consolidation

Even if you’re managing your money correctly, settling your debt can take months or even years. One method to deal with multiple debt payments is debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation is when a lender takes out a new loan to pay off other expenses. Several debts are combined into a single, larger debt, usually with more favourable payoff terms, such as lower monthly commitments.

It can be used to merge several types of debt, including:

Debt Consolidation Methods

Borrowers looking to consolidate their debt can also opt for these two most common methods:

Homeowners can use their home equity to consolidate their debt. Doing so extends their loan tenure from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 35 years.

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Personal loans are another method borrowers can consolidate multiple loans into one fixed monthly payment. They generally have a loan tenure of between 5 to 8 years.

Advantages of a Debt Consolidation Plan

Combine Multiple Payments into a Single Payment

Managing multiple loan payments each month can be challenging, especially if they’re due on different dates. However, when you consolidate your debts, you can reduce the number of payments and interest rates you have to worry about and improve your credit by reducing the chances of making a late payment.

Lower Interest Rates

If you consolidate multiple debts into a single loan, you can decrease your overall interest rate. Doing so can save you money, especially if you do not consolidate with a long-term loan. This is because you will be paying lesser in interest over the life of the loan.

Improve Your Credit Score

You can improve your credit score when you consolidate your debt as it reduces the credit utilisation rate in your credit report. Making consistent and on-time payments for your loan can also improve your credit score.

Debt Consolidation & Credit Scores

A loan consolidation may help your credit score down the road. Paying off the loan’s principal portion sooner can keep interest payments low, which means you get to save more money. It also boosts your credit score, making you more attractive to future creditors.

How Can We Help

At Bluebricks, we are committed to providing clear, concise information and support to help you navigate your loan options in Malaysia. We offer a range of solutions, including:

Rejected Loan

Should your debt consolidation loan application be rejected due to insufficient income proof, our loan experts come equipped with a variety of alternative approaches.

Moreover, for individuals with high financial commitments, we can guide you towards banks that can offer fitting solutions.

Increase Loan Amount

We assess your financial profile, providing insights on maximising your eligibility and connecting you with the right financial institutions to meet your specific needs.

Low Interest & Fast Approval

We specialise in finding low-interest loan options coupled with fast approval processes, ensuring you get the financial support you need without unnecessary delays.

Get In Touch With A Trusted Debt Consolidation Agency in Malaysia

Ready to simplify your finances and regain control? Fill out our form to discover how we can help you consolidate your debts in Malaysia!
Ready to simplify your finances and regain control? Fill out our form to discover how we can help you consolidate your debts in Malaysia!

Why Bluebricks?

One of the Top 10 Leading Loan Agencies in Malaysia

We act as your loan agents and represent not only individuals but also businesses. As technical financial advisors, we work with various borrowers and support you to get your loans approved. You will have access to a wide range of loans, even if banks have rejected you. Our goal is to offer advice that helps ensure your loan applications are successful and not subject to rejection.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Since 2014, we have been assisting clients in securing various types of loans, including personal, business, mortgage, and collateral loans. Our expertise extends to overcoming challenges such as CTOS/CCRIS issues, income documentation problems, and high commitment situations, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Moreover, our ten years in the field have equipped us with a deep understanding and up-to-date banking knowledge, enabling us to effectively resolve loan complications. Complex loan scenarios are our forte, ensuring we guide you towards a successful loan approval with confidence.

One-Stop Solution

We offer comprehensive loan services, acting as a one-stop solution for our clients, where we compile a variety of loan options from banks and credit houses for your consideration. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary documentation, including your income statement, assets and liabilities, employment record, and credit history. We will manage your collateral and documentation to facilitate loan approval.

Full Financing with 100% Bank Loans

We understand that financial accessibility is key, which is why we offer 100% bank loan availability. This unique opportunity is perfect if you are in need of complete financial support, providing an accessible path to your goals while also helping you build a positive credit history.

No Upfront Payment Required

We believe in easing your financial journey from the start. With our no upfront payment policy, you can embark on your investment without any initial financial strain, not only reducing your immediate burden but also reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction and trust in our services.

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Debt Consolidation Agency Malaysia – FAQs

Debt consolidation is often carried out to reduce your monthly instalments by extending your loan tenure or lowering your interest rate. It is only recommended when the interest rate on your new loan is significantly lower than the rate on your current debts.
A loan consolidation does not reduce the amount of money you owe. Only paying down the principal can reduce how much you owe.

However, you will get to repay your monthly instalments at a smaller amount, thanks to the longer tenure.
If you are working to pay off your credit card debt, look into a home equity loan. You may be able to use a home equity loan to pay off your debt.
You are eligible for debt consolidation if you are:

  • A Malaysian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Earn a monthly income of at least RM3,000 or more
  • Aged 21 years and above (but not over 60 years old)
For a loan debt consolidation, you would need to prepare your:

  • Proof of income
  • Credit history documents
  • Equity documents Equity documents (Sales & Purchase Agreement, TNB bills, Cukai Tanah etc.)