What is Cash Loan?

A Cash Loan is not a personal loan, it is unsecured but generally short-term, and the amount is comparatively smaller than a personal loan.

Lenders provide a Cash Loan via a credit card or at an ATM of the bank. A Cash Loan on your credit card is an amount borrowed in exchange for your credit limit. Usually, a Cash Loan includes a fee. Since the money is withdrawn based on your credit limit, the total amount withdraws will need to be repaid to the bank together with interest charges.

Cash Loan interest rates are usually calculated monthly and may have a higher interest rate of 10-25% per year. A Cash Loan is relatively easy to obtain; however, the interest is one of the highest among all the loan types.

Why Your Loan Was Rejected?

Banks have their requirements for any loan application. Being employed is one of them. Banks would require borrowers with the ability to produce income, as this is an indication that the borrower is capable of repaying the loan. It would be an automatic refusal if you failed to prove that you are under employment or producing enough income during the loan application process.

Even if it is proven that you are employed, but any changes to your income is a key factor that affecting your loan application. Although your credit rating does not indicate your current level of income, banks will require you to disclose the information for further assessment. A few Ringgit Malaysia less than the bank’s requirement; your application may be rejected.

The bank will have access to your all track records, this includes any late or overdue transactions; and whether you made minimum or maximum payments. It also indicates the remaining monthly balance. From here, the banks will assess your credit risk and understand whether you are a trustworthy borrower.

Some of us may not have credit cards and other financial commitments because we are too worried to spend. While this might be a good thing, but it does not help when it comes to the loan application. This is because the bank will not have enough information to make a decision, insufficient information to decide whether you are a good paymaster or vice versa.

Why Bluebricks?

Licensed Loan Brokerage In Malaysia

We act as your loan agents and representing not only individuals but also businesses. As technical financial advisors, we work with various borrowers and support you to get your loans approved. You will have access to a wide range of loans, even if banks or lenders have rejected you. We are here to offer advice on how to not getting the application rejected.

10 Years Experience

We walk through any situation together with our client, handle the payment and smooth any bumps along the way. The solutions provided mirror insights developed over the years of experience, together with the aid of various collateral solutions understanding that includes loan and credit solution, consultancy on real estate financing, conveyance, and asset technology response.


We are giving all-inclusive collateral service and acted as a one-stop solution to the clients. We gather various loan options from lenders for your consideration. All you need to do is to provide us with relevant documentation, such as income statement, assets and liabilities, employment record, and credit history. We will handle your collateral and your documents for loan approval.