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What Is Collateral Loan Services?

Collateral Loan Service is the service where it helps the client that needs urgent funding by using the property as collateral.

With Bluebricks approach, we would first provide you a few viable solutions to you given the property you want to collateral fits the criteria of our legal financier.

Then, we would assist you to get the cash needed in the shortest time period (3 weeks to a month time). At the same time, we would start preparing your documents for housing loan from banks until your loan is approved and disbursed.

It means in the end your property would be used as collateral with the banks to enjoy the lowest interest offered by financier herein Malaysia.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now is this what you are looking for?

In which situation you would need Collateral Loan Service?

If you’re looking for money or cash flow in business in short period of time, but all the loan services from bank had rejected on you for example Credit Card, Personal Loan, Business Loan, Refinancing of your property, only then you need this Collateral Loan Service. But the prerequisite herein is you must have a Property.