Owe Loan Shark!! Still Can Do Refinance Housing Loan!?

Bluebricks had recently help a client named Ms Na to secure a housing loan. From the journey we went through with her, we had learned that it isn’t with positive energy alone could possibly solve all the problems.  We do pity her situation. 

The total income she could get together with the husband is almost RM 10,000. Yes, you must be surprised, they are not belong to the low income group. But, what leads her to get loans from Ah Long? 

Hefty Medical Bills For Both Parents

When we walk through with her what was really happening for the past 10 years, this is what we found.  

Three kids were young back then, and to juggle around family and works were already not easy. What was really saddening is three parents were sick back then, and needed to pay hefty medical bills. 

Cheated By Agent and Lost All Her Saving

Unfortunately, her business supplying maids went down because she was cheated by her agent – that is having to pay all the penalty alone when the maids ran off (which is was usually bear by both parties).

She really didn’t see this coming, she has lost all the money invested and possibly get herself into a problem of a lawsuit.

Taking Up All The Responsibilities As A Daughter and Mother

One bad incident happens after one another, she had all the reasons to give up and tell their parents she had no other way out. But she didn’t. 

She is not only a daughter for her mother.  

she is also a mother of her three sons.  And she is also a   shareholder in the business where she has staff who rely on her for their living. She ended up taking all these responsibilities especially on the debt repayment, rather than choose to run away from all these issues.

Bank Rejected Her Loan Application

So did she ever try getting loans from the bank? Yes, she did. But she was rejected by the bank due to a bad CCRIS/CTOS issue. 

And did she borrow from friends and relatives? She did too. Until the point where some of these friends and relatives are angry with them and the relationship turns bad because of the borrowing. 

Soon later, the money they borrow from friends and relatives is depleted because in such a worse situation the family still has to count on both of them to continue their living. 

Where Things Lead To Borrowing From AHLONG

And this is finally when they think there is no other option left but to reaching out to the AH LONG to borrow more money. 

Of course they are fully aware of the interest is very high, but they were hoping when the business dispute they could get over it and starts new. It was a naïve idea, she recalled.  

She started with RM 10,000 loan from AHLONG in the beginning, and in the middle of juggling between repayment to other parties and the medical bill and living expenses, she borrow another RM 10,000 when she needs money again. 

(And when she first approached Bluebricks, we already got to know she owed AHLONG RM 50,000 already) 

Why? Because it was easy and fast to borrow from AHLONG as they would approve it right away without questions asked.

Being threatened by AHLONG

But the nightmare comes when there was delay in repaying the AHLONG. She would be receiving a dozen of calls from them and being told many nasty words and even being threatened of not only their safety but the kids and the parents. 

Out of fear, she would then be paying all the money first to them and missing the housing loan repayment and also the bills and expenses of the family.  

She was in her great despair when we met. When we inform her that we could get her bank loan approve, her face simply shows disbelief but was really joyful as it was an answer to anticipate.  

She reconfirmed what we have said by asking  


“Are you serious?” 

“Is it true?” 

“You are not kidding me right?” 

“I really need the bank loan” 

And we reaffirm her by saying “Yes, if you could follow exactly Bluebricks solution steps, your loan would definitely be approved.” 

Solution: Refinance property that was bought 20 years ago

In fact, there is no secret or magic. She was lucky as she has a property that was bought 20 years ago, and the property has appreciated a lot too. And that’s how we are able to help solve such a big problem of hers.

Loan Approved

Now, her bank loan is secured and disbursed. She is really happy. And ever since, she needs to only pay her mortgage loan that is low in interest (3.7% in that time) and a 25 years in tenure. Having to pay close to RM 1,700 but all the other AHLONG debts and relative debts are all paid off.

And from that day onwards, we stated to see the smiling face of her and the husband. She was so grateful to even willing to share her story via a testimonial video. She hopes by doing this she would help a lot of others like her to solve their problem. 

Bluebricks Get Your Loan Approved!

We are too grateful for her trust in us , to walk through the process with Bluebricks, acquire the bank loan and resolve her problems together. 

In such, Bluebricks would continue to help more people by upholding the idea of Everyone could loan from bank legally.


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