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Personal Loan

If you’re still relying on luck to get a bank loan, then this article is a must for you. This is because while you’re reading this, many others have mastered this 100% legitimate method of solving their financial problems through personal loan!

Dear friends,

When applying for a loan from a bank, you may encounter numerous problems and face rejection, even when you have properly prepared your CTOS and income documents as advised by the banker.

The banker or agency may even tell you the case can be done, giving you hope, only to suddenly say that your documents cannot be accepted, thus pulling your hope down from heaven to hell and disrupting all your plans! With all the confusion, frustration and helplessness, you may not know what to do next.

We Know How You Feel!

Every time you see someone get a bank loan, it seems that they do it easily, and you get this uneasy feeling in your heart. You may even ask yourself a thousand times…

Why does bad luck always follow you?

Why are you the only one rejected by the bank?

Why do banks still reject you despite having good documents and a high income?

Why can’t you get a loan despite following the instructions?

Actually, you are not alone! I can understand how you feel, and I know you’re upset! But after today, things are going to be different!

Because in the next two minutes, I will show you that many things are not accidental. It is not because other people’s income is higher than yours, nor is their CTOS better than yours, but instead, they have mastered a method that

You didn’t know!

The point is, this method is completely

Up to you

At your disposal

Under your control!

Whether you want to settle your current debts, need money for working capital, or need a bank loan to deal with your personal issues, as long as you master this method, you do not need to look at the bank and…

No upfront fees

Fees are completely transparent

Payments are made only after the loan is obtained

And what’s more!

if the loan is not approved, we will not charge you money

If this is what you are looking for, then drop what you are doing and click on the link below right now because countless people have successfully solved their loan problems while you are reading this, so do you want to keep missing out?

Hello, I am Wai Kit! A Kuala Lumpur native born and raised in Malaysia.

After completing my studies in 2011, I joined UOB Bank and started my first job as a mortgage sales officer.

When I worked in the bank, I realised that many loan applications that the bank rejected could actually be obtained through other banks. The success rate of the application was sometimes even higher because each bank has different conditions for approving the loans.

Therefore, it’s not the end of the world when you get rejected by a bank!

In 2018, I found a better solution after joining a loan brokerage company, Bluebricks Holding! It is called the

【Bluebricks Debt Restructuring Plan】

During this time, I have successfully helped many of my clients settle their debts!

If you are currently facing these problems:

  1. Have an income of RM5,000 or more, with no issues with your CTOS, but are still rejected by the bank
  2. Have an income of RM5,000 or more, but have a problem with your CTOS (we do not handle legal cases, summons and bankruptcy)
  3. Have an income of RM5,000 or more, but the high commitment and DSR exceed the limit to get a new bank loan
  4. There is no problem with your CTOS, but you cannot provide your income documents and, therefore, cannot apply for a bank loan
  5. If you want to restructure your debts to reduce your monthly burden without the hassle of making multiple payments to different banks
  6. If you are unsure whether you can get a bank loan or think you cannot get a bank loan

We’ve Got You Covered!

I Know You’re Sceptical…

But let me show you a real-life example.

Example #1:

Example #2:

Here’s another Successful Story

Ms J is a professional tax auditor with a stable job and income, a monthly salary of RM7,800 with other benefits to subsidise more than RM10,000 per month.

Because of her mother’s health condition, Ms J has spent all her savings on her mother’s medical treatment. Worse, she will need to pay a medical fee for her mother’s ongoing treatment.

The financial strain, her mother’s health and other work-related stress pushed Ms J to the edge of a breakdown.

Thanks to her profession, she knows that her profile is usually rejected when applying directly to the bank, so she sought advice from an outsourcing agency. However, after consulting with three agencies, they all gave her the same answer:

“Ms J, your CTOS loan payment is good, and even though you have such a high commitment, you have never made a late payment. However, your current CTOS record shows a RM 105,000 commitment for credit cards and personal loans, without factoring in car loans and mortgages. That is why it is challenging to get a loan!”

Only then did she realise that despite her steady income of RM10,000, punctual repayments of all loans in CTOS, good credit score, and not being blacklisted; she could still not get a bank loan. After this experience, she felt so helpless!

Once we understood Ms J’s situation and spoke to her, we proceeded with:

#1 Checking and analysing her latest CTOS reports

#2 Inspecting and analysing her income documents

#3 Providing several different solutions and advising which she could take

#4 Letting her know in advance the personal loan amount she can get

#5 Signing a cooperation agreement between the two parties

#6 Executing her final chosen solution

#7 Getting the bank’s approval and having Ms J’s desired loan amount transferred to her bank account

#8 Ms J paying Bluebricks for our services

Ultimately, we successfully helped Ms J obtain a personal loan of RM300,000, allowing her to deal with her current debts, her mother’s medical expenses, and creating an emergency fund!



Don’t You Want To Be Like Her?

Whenever we help our clients solve their financial problems, we feel an inexplicable sense of joy and satisfaction! Just like the following examples…

Why Shouldn’t You Give Up?

Because we have witnessed more than a hundred success stories in the past four years, each representing a new beginning!

We understand that the stress of debt is overwhelming, and you may feel unsure of what steps to take next. However, based on our experience, if you can get your personal loan approved as quickly as possible, all your problems will be solved. Now, the most important thing is to

Take the first step

Once you allow yourself to take the “first step”, you will notice that the “second and third steps” will follow.

And when you have successfully resolved your current debt problem, what will be the next step in your life?

What would your mood or state of mind be if you were free of your current debt problems?

Believe me, you are not alone! Settling your debts is not an unattainable dream. You can solve your debts through bank loans in a 100% legal way without having to borrow from loan sharks!

Imagine That!

The down-to-earth feeling of having extra money after paying for food and fuel each month and a happy and confident attitude towards life;

Now imagine this! Your loan repayment, which was RM4,000 per month, was reduced to RM2,000, plus you get an extra amount of liquid cash (even though there is no increase in income);

Try imagining again! In the past, it was very stressful whenever you were paid because you had to plan how to use the funds, but now you can face it easily and calmly;

Try imagining again! Being so desperate enough to consider borrowing from a loan shark, but now you don’t have to feel that way anymore;

And finally, imagine that when an emergency or unexpected event occurs, you no longer need to ask for money from the people around you, and you can be confident that you can solve it on your own;

Wouldn’t That Be Great?

I Know You’re Still Worried!

I am sure you are aware that there are many loan companies that take money at the beginning, then ask for more until you run out and then just disappear!

And some are so rampant that they hack their customers’ phones to steal their information and threaten them to continue giving them money!

Or maybe you’ve also been in contact with loan companies who charge you a bunch of fees upfront before they even start applying for a loan for you!

There are even loan sharks pretending to be loan companies, using deceptive methods to get you to sign the contract, and then treating you as an ATM afterwards!

We understand your situation, we understand your stress, and we understand your anxiety, so let us tell you about Bluebrick’s debt restructuring process.

Please do not worry! This is why we dare to promise you:

100% legal loans

No upfront fees

Fees are completely transparent

Payments are made only after the personal loan is obtained

If the personal loan is not approved, we will not charge you money

We’d like to say sorry in advance!

Because of our limited resources, we can only help

10 of you who really want to make a difference!

Therefore, we will be on a first-come-first-served basis. If the reservation is full, you may have to wait a while!

The decision to change your life or to continue to suffer is up to you!

Time goes by daily, and your problem will grow with time.

The sooner you take that step, the sooner the problem will be solved and the days of stress and helplessness and confusion are over!

And it’s all up to you, you can personally grasp the good life you want in the future!

Instead of being envious of other people’s lives, why not do it now!