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Custom Collateral Loan Solutions in Malaysia

Bluebricks stands out as a premier loan agency in Malaysia, known for our expertise in providing comprehensive collateral loan solutions. With a wealth of experience in financial services, our experts are committed to securing the right collateral loans in Malaysia for our clients, guaranteeing quick and efficient access to the funds required.

What is a Collateral Loan in Malaysia?

Collateral loans in Malaysia are a type of secured loan where borrowers use an asset they own as collateral to secure funding. The asset, such as a property, vehicle, or other valuable items, acts as a security for the lender, ensuring that if the borrower fails to repay the loan, they have the right to seize the collateral to recover the loan amount.

Benefits of Collateral Loans in Malaysia

Lower Interest Rates

Since collateral loans are secured by an asset, they typically come with lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans.

Higher Loan Amounts

Financial institutions are more willing to provide substantial funds when there's security backing the loan.

Easier Approval Process

Using collateral can enhance loan approval odds, even with imperfect credit, as it offers financial institutions a safety net, making them more likely to approve the loan.

Bluebricks’ Collateral Loan Application Process

Step 1
At BlueBricks, we start by presenting you with a range of viable collateral loan options, ensuring your property meets our legal financiers’ criteria.
We then swiftly work to secure the required funds, typically within three weeks to a month, while simultaneously preparing your documents for a housing loan from a bank.
Ultimately, your property is used as collateral with banks, enabling you to enjoy the lowest interest rates with our guidance through loan approval and disbursement.

When Might You Need Collateral Loan Services in Malaysia?

Collateral loan services become essential when you require quick financial liquidity or cash flow for your business but face rejections from traditional bank loan services, such as credit cards, personal loans, business loans, or property refinancing. This service is particularly relevant if you possess property that can be used as collateral.

How Can We Help

At Bluebricks, we are committed to providing clear, concise information and support to help you navigate your loan options in Malaysia. We offer a range of solutions, including:

Rejected Loan

Our loan experts analyse the reasons behind your rejection and work with you to enhance your chances of loan approval and clear any adverse records in CTOS/CCRIS.

However, this service is exclusive to those with a basic income of RM 5,000 and EPF deductions; other income types are ineligible.

Increase Loan Amount

We assess your financial profile, providing insights on maximising your eligibility and connecting you with the right financial institutions to meet your specific needs.

Low Interest & Fast Approval

We specialise in finding low-interest loan options coupled with fast approval processes, ensuring you get the financial support you need without unnecessary delays.

Get In Touch With Our Loan Experts

Ready to explore your options? Fill out our form to discover how we can help you with your collateral loan in Malaysia!
Ready to explore your options? Fill out our form to discover how we can help you with your collateral loan in Malaysia!

Why Bluebricks?

One of the Top 10 Leading Loan Agencies in Malaysia

We act as your loan agents and represent not only individuals but also businesses. As technical financial advisors, we work with various borrowers and support you to get your loans approved. You will have access to a wide range of loans, even if banks have rejected you. Our goal is to offer advice that helps ensure your loan applications are successful and not subject to rejection.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Since 2014, we have been assisting clients in securing various types of loans, including personal, business, mortgage, and collateral loans. Our expertise extends to overcoming challenges such as CTOS/CCRIS issues, income documentation problems, and high commitment situations, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Moreover, our ten years in the field have equipped us with a deep understanding and up-to-date banking knowledge, enabling us to effectively resolve loan complications. Complex loan scenarios are our forte, ensuring we guide you towards a successful loan approval with confidence.

One-Stop Solution

We offer comprehensive loan services, acting as a one-stop solution for our clients, where we compile a variety of loan options from banks and credit houses for your consideration. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary documentation, including your income statement, assets and liabilities, employment record, and credit history. We will manage your collateral and documentation to facilitate loan approval.

Full Financing with 100% Bank Loans

We understand that financial accessibility is key, which is why we offer 100% bank loan availability. This unique opportunity is perfect if you are in need of complete financial support, providing an accessible path to your goals while also helping you build a positive credit history.

No Upfront Payment Required

We believe in easing your financial journey from the start. With our no upfront payment policy, you can embark on your investment without any initial financial strain, not only reducing your immediate burden but also reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction and trust in our services.

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Collateral Loan Malaysia – FAQs

While collateral loans in Malaysia offer various advantages, such as lower interest rates and higher borrowing limits, they do carry risks. Examples include:

  • Risk of Losing the Asset: If you're unable to repay the loan, the bank has the right to seize your asset to recover their funds.
  • Asset Depreciation: The value of your collateral might decrease over time, which could lead to issues if the loan needs to be refinanced or if the bank requires additional security.
  • Financial Strain: If the loan is based on an asset that generates income or has personal value (like a family home), losing it can have significant financial and emotional consequences.

In Malaysia, several items or properties can serve as collateral for a collateral loan. They include:

  • Homes: Residential properties, including houses and apartments, are commonly accepted as collateral.
  • Vehicles: Cars and motorcycles can be used as collateral. Their value determines the loan amount.
  • Fixed Deposits: If you have a fixed deposit account, you can pledge it as collateral.
  • Structured Investments: Investments such as unit trusts or structured products can serve as collateral.
  • Tangible Assets: Valuable items like watches, gold, and jewellery can be used.
  • Empty Land: Vacant land can also be pledged as collateral.

The maximum loan amount for a collateral loan in Malaysia can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the bank’s policies, the type and value of the collateral, and the borrower's creditworthiness and repayment capacity.

Typically, financial institutions offer up to a certain percentage of the collateral's appraised value, often ranging from 30% to 70%. For high-value assets like real estate, the loan amount can be substantial, potentially reaching millions of Ringgit.

It's essential to consult with specific banks or financial institutions to get accurate information based on your collateral and financial profile.