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Bluebricks is a refinancing agency offering effective loan rejected services. Our experts have the knowledge to help customers find and apply for a refinance loan that meets their needs.

Home Loan Refinancing
in Malaysia

Home loan refinancing means paying off your current loan and replacing it with a new one. There are many reasons why homeowners refinance:

When Is A Good Time to Refinance A Loan?

In general, refinancing a mortgage will depend on your financial goals.
Here are four situations to think about before you refinance.

Mortgage Rates Have Decreased

Mortgage rates for homeowners are ever-changing since they are affected by various factors, such as inflation and the economy.

If mortgage rates drop, you may be able to save by securing a lower interest rate than you have on your existing loan.

Your Credit Has Improved

Your credit score plays an essential part in determining your mortgage rate. The better your credit score, the lower the interest rate you will receive from your lender.

You Want A Shorter Loan Term

You can refinance your loan to a shorter loan term if you want to pay off your debt faster. Moreover, you will save money as you will be paying less in total interest.

Your Home Value Has Gone Up

If your home's value has increased, you may also benefit from refinancing. With a cash-out refinance, you can apply for a new mortgage larger than what you previously owed, and you will receive the difference in cash.

You may also consider a cash-out refinance for home improvements or to pay your medical fees.

Bluebricks’ Refinance Housing Loan Rejected Services

Homeowners with a good credit score may also find their loan applications rejected by banks. Our experts at Bluebricks provide comprehensive refinance housing loan rejected solutions to determine the reason for rejection and your next course of action.
As a trusted refinance agency in Malaysia, we assist you in resubmitting your refinance loan application for a higher chance of approval and even a larger loan amount.

Reasons for Refinance Loan Rejection

Banks and lenders have specific criteria to determine if an individual qualifies for a loan. If you lack in any of these areas of assessment, you may be rejected and would need to wait for another 3-6 months to resubmit your application.
It is often 10-20% lesser than the current selling price of similar homes. This is because bank valuations are traditionally conservative to protect the bank's interest.
  1. No stable income
  2. No payslips
  3. Your income did not enter your bank statement
  4. Low income earner
  5. High commitment
  6. Your company does not pay you like a normal employee (e.g., you do not have EPF or are on a contract basis)
  1. You are under the AKPK programme
  2. Blacklisted
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Bad repayment issue
  5. Special attention accounts by banks
  6. Legal action taken by banks
  7. Legal suits
  8. Trade or credit reference
  9. Company is closing down
  10. Restructured loan
  11. Bounced cheque
  12. Suspected mule account

How Do You Know If You Need Loan Rejected Services?

You would not require loan rejected services if you knew how to secure or obtain the bank loans you need. However, the fact is that while many thing they know what to do, they can still have their application rejected.
There are two types of people that come to Bluebricks:

The One In Despair

The first one would be the clients in despair after having their application repeatedly rejected by the bank. They then find out about our services and come to us, hoping we will help them.

The One That Understands
The Value Of Time

The second type would be those who understand how
important time is.

They know that when their loan is rejected, they will have to wait another 3-6 months before they can submit it again.

During this delay, the time wasted is often far more expensive than the money cost.
But what if we tell you Bluebricks does not collect any upfront fees for such services? In fact, we do not collect any fees until you have secured the loan you need!

How Can Bluebricks Solve Your Loan Rejected Issues?

Step 1: Consult

We hold consultations to understand the objective of your loan and the loan amount required.

Step 2: Find Out Why

We then find out why your loan is rejected.

Step 3: Solution

Our experts will develop the best loan solution that meets your needs.

Step 4: Understand

We help you understand the entire loan process and procedures before enhancing your loan application.

Step 5: Apply

We help you submit your loan application with a bank that gives you a good credit rating and approves a higher loan sum.

Step 6: Process and Approval

We will walk you through the process after your loan is approved, including signing your bank agreements and obtaining the loan.


Get Your Refinancing Loan Approved With Bluebricks!

Remember, it is not the end of the world if your loan is rejected. Please do not go to illegal financiers or Ahlongs out of despair. Or worse, fall victim to loan scams.

You would only add more problems to your already difficult financial situation. And to solve them, you may need more time and resources.

If you do not know what to do, Bluebricks can help! Our financial advisors will work with you to ensure your loans are approved.

Home Loan Refinancing – FAQ

There is no legal limit on the number of times you can refinance your home loan.

However, mortgage lenders have a few refinance requirements that you need to qualify for every time you apply.
Not necessarily. While maintaining a relationship with your current refinancing agency may lead to more favourable rates, it is not guaranteed.

The best methods to determine your mortgage rate is to consult multiple refinancing agents or consider different types of home loan refinancing lenders, such as banks, mortgage brokers and private lenders.
Try to speak with at least three refinancing agencies to determine your property's real rate and to ensure you get the best deal.