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A Leading Personal Loan Service Provider in Malaysia

Bluebricks is a reputable bank loan agency and debt consolidation agency in Malaysia, specialising in mortgages, personal and business loans, and a variety of other financial products. Leveraging our knowledge of market trends, we are dedicated to offering personal loan services and more, ensuring you receive the right loans to meet your financial goals.

Our Promise to You

We understand that when customers seek personal loan services, they are often eager to address urgent personal matters. Our personal loan services are designed to provide peace of mind and reliability, allowing you to manage your finances effectively with:
  • Bank Loan Facilitation
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Customised Loan Amounts
  • Low-Interest Rates
  • Extended Repayment Periods

Comprehensive Loan Services in Malaysia

Bluebricks offers a diverse array of loan solutions tailored to meet different financial needs, from individuals seeking personal finance to businesses facing challenges in securing loans.

Personal Loan Services

Our consultants have the expertise to offer personal loan services that align with your financial capabilities and eligibility criteria.

SME Loan Services

We offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia alternative financing options or assistance in reapplying for loans.

Mortgage Loan Services

For individuals looking to purchase a new home, refinance an existing mortgage, or secure a loan against home equity (for cashback reasons), our experts provide strategic advice to enhance your loan approval prospects.

Collateral Loan Services

Need quick cash flow for your business but facing rejections from banks? If your property meets our legal financier's criteria, we can provide you with various effective options to leverage it as collateral.

How Can We Help

At Bluebricks, we are committed to providing clear, concise information and support to help you navigate your loan options in Malaysia. We offer a range of solutions, including:

Rejected Loan

Our loan experts analyse the reasons behind your rejection and work with you to enhance your chances of loan approval.

Increase Loan Amount

We assess your financial profile, providing insights on maximising your eligibility and connecting you with the right financial institutions to meet your specific needs.

Low Interest & Fast Approval

We specialise in finding low-interest loan options coupled with fast approval processes, ensuring you get the financial support you need without unnecessary delays.

Get In Touch With Our Loan Experts

Ready to explore your options? Fill out our form to discover how our personal loan services and more can help you!
Ready to explore your options? Fill out our form to discover how our personal loan services and more can help you!

Why Bluebricks?

Licensed Loan Brokerage In Malaysia

We act as your loan agents and represent not only individuals but also businesses. As technical financial advisors, we work with various borrowers and support you to get your loans approved. You will have access to a wide range of loans, even if banks or lenders have rejected you. Our goal is to offer advice that helps ensure your loan applications are successful and not subject to rejection.

Over 10 Years of Experience

We will navigate through all situations alongside our clients, managing payments and resolving any issues that arise. Our solutions reflect insights gained from years of experience and are supported by a range of supplementary services. These include loan and credit solutions, consultancy on real estate financing, and technology responses for asset management.

One-Stop Solution

We offer comprehensive loan services, acting as a one-stop solution for our clients, where we compile a variety of loan options from lenders for your consideration. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary documentation, including your income statement, assets and liabilities, employment record, and credit history. We will manage your collateral and documentation to facilitate loan approval.

Full Financing with 100% Bank Loans

We understand that financial accessibility is key, which is why we offer 100% bank loan availability. This unique opportunity is perfect if you are in need of complete financial support, providing an accessible path to your goals while also helping you build a positive credit history.

No Upfront Payment Required

We believe in easing your financial journey from the start. With our no upfront payment policy, you can embark on your investment without any initial financial strain, not only reducing your immediate burden but also reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction and trust in our services.

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Personal Loan Service – FAQs

Loan servicing in Malaysia is generally carried out by the bank that approves the loan. It refers to the administrative aspects of a loan from the time the proceeds are disbursed to the borrower until the loan is paid off.

This includes managing and collecting payments on various types of loans (e.g. mortgages and personal loans) and more, including:

  • Sending monthly statements and reminders to borrowers.
  • Processing payments and maintaining updated loan balances.
  • Reporting on loan performance and status to investors and regulatory authorities.
  • Initiating and overseeing foreclosure or recovery actions (if required).

Personal loan services in Malaysia offer several key benefits, making it an attractive option for borrowers. These advantages include:

  • Bank Loan Facilitation: Borrowers are assured of comprehensive support and expert services for their loan applications.
  • Debt Consolidation: Borrowers can merge multiple debts into a single account, thereby reducing the number of accounts to manage.
  • Tailored Loan Amounts: Loan amounts can be customised to meet the specific financial needs of individual borrowers.
  • Competitive Low-Interest Rates: Borrowers benefit from relatively lower interest rates, making loans more affordable.
  • Longer Repayment Terms: Extended repayment periods provide borrowers with more time to repay their loans, thus easing financial pressure.

Bluebricks does not require any upfront fees, stamp duty, or legal fees. We will only charge our customers for our personal loan service once they have received their desired loan amount.

Additionally, our personal loan service charges range from 10% to 30%. They are tailored to each client's unique situation, including factors like CTOS issues, income documentation, financial commitments, or AKPK involvement.