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With BlueBricks, securing the ideal SME loan in Malaysia for your business’s growth and success is streamlined and efficient. Our loan experts have extensive business financing experience, offering insightful financial strategies and tailored loan options.

Funding Challenges Faced by SMEs in Malaysia

Small and Medium Enterprises navigate through a myriad of challenges that can hinder their operations and growth. These include:
SME loans or SME financing can be used to expand the company financial situation and ultimately fulfilling your business objective. In Malaysia, many of the financial institutions provide solutions for SME based on their business needs.

However, to get the loan application to approve by the lender are always the most challenging part for SME and business owners.

What is an SME Loan in Malaysia?

To mitigate these challenges, Malaysia offers a diverse range of SME loans tailored to assist businesses in overcoming specific hurdles. These financial solutions are crucial for:

Operational Enhancements

Addressing day-to-day operational challenges.

Business Expansion

Providing the necessary capital for growth and expansion.

Benefits of SME Loans in Malaysia

Flexible Repayment Terms

Designed to accommodate the cash flow patterns of SMEs.

Competitive Interest Rates

Aimed at making borrowing more affordable for smaller businesses.

Varied Loan Amounts

Depends on the business's needs and the bank's assessment of the business's ability to repay.

Collateral Requirements

Some SME loans in Malaysia may require collateral, while others might offer unsecured options based on creditworthiness.

Reasons Your SME Loan in Malaysia was Rejected

SME loans or SME financing are instrumental in enhancing a company’s financial health and realising its business goals. However, securing loan approval from banks often presents a significant challenge for SMEs and business owners, necessitating a well-prepared and compelling loan application.

Banks in Malaysia require business loan applicants to prove a minimum of two years of operation (as per SSM registration) and have submitted income tax returns for the same duration. Failure to meet these criteria will result in an automatic loan rejection.

Your business loan application in Malaysia might have been rejected due to the inability to provide crucial financial documents such as an audit report, income tax returns, and the company's 6-month bank statement. These documents are essential for proving your company's financial health and salary disbursements, which are key factors in a bank's decision-making process.

The bank will have access to your all track records, this includes any late or overdue transactions; and whether you made minimum or maximum payments. It also indicates the remaining monthly balance. From here, the banks will assess your credit risk and understand whether you are a trustworthy borrower.

Some of us may not have credit cards and other financial commitments because we are too worried to spend. While this might be a good thing, but it does not help when it comes to the loan application. This is because the bank will not have enough information to make a decision, insufficient information to decide whether you are a good paymaster or vice versa.

How Can We Help

At Bluebricks, we are committed to providing clear, concise information and support to help you navigate your loan options in Malaysia. We offer a range of solutions, including:

Rejected Loan

Our loan experts analyse the reasons behind your rejection and work with you to enhance your chances of loan approval and clear any adverse records in CTOS/CCRIS.

Additionally, we offer guidance on optimising your salary profile, enabling you to qualify for business loans in Malaysia.

Increase Loan Amount

We assess your financial profile, providing insights on maximising your eligibility and connecting you with the right financial institutions to meet your specific needs.

Low Interest & Fast Approval

We specialise in finding low-interest loan options coupled with fast approval processes, ensuring you get the financial support you need without unnecessary delays.

Get In Touch With Our Loan Experts

Ready to explore your options? Fill out our form to discover how we can help you with your SME loan in Malaysia!
Ready to explore your options? Fill out our form to discover how we can help you with your SME loan in Malaysia!

Why Bluebricks?

One of the Top 10 Leading Loan Agencies in Malaysia

We act as your loan agents and represent not only individuals but also businesses. As technical financial advisors, we work with various borrowers and support you to get your loans approved. You will have access to a wide range of loans, even if banks have rejected you. Our goal is to offer advice that helps ensure your loan applications are successful and not subject to rejection.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Since 2014, we have been assisting clients in securing various types of loans, including personal, business, mortgage, and collateral loans. Our expertise extends to overcoming challenges such as CTOS/CCRIS issues, income documentation problems, and high commitment situations, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Moreover, our ten years in the field have equipped us with a deep understanding and up-to-date banking knowledge, enabling us to effectively resolve loan complications. Complex loan scenarios are our forte, ensuring we guide you towards a successful loan approval with confidence.

One-Stop Solution

We offer comprehensive loan services, acting as a one-stop solution for our clients, where we compile a variety of loan options from banks and credit houses for your consideration. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary documentation, including your income statement, assets and liabilities, employment record, and credit history. We will manage your collateral and documentation to facilitate loan approval.

Full Financing with 100% Bank Loans

We understand that financial accessibility is key, which is why we offer 100% bank loan availability. This unique opportunity is perfect if you are in need of complete financial support, providing an accessible path to your goals while also helping you build a positive credit history.

No Upfront Payment Required

We believe in easing your financial journey from the start. With our no upfront payment policy, you can embark on your investment without any initial financial strain, not only reducing your immediate burden but also reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction and trust in our services.

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SME Loan Malaysia – FAQs

Startups often struggle to secure SME loans in Malaysia due to the minimum requirement of two years of operation and two years' worth of income tax submissions.

As a result, we recommend startups consider alternative funding options, such as obtaining a personal loan to gather initial capital.

Here’s what you can do to be a successful SME loan borrower:

  • Assess Your Business’s Credit Requirements:
    In order to secure your SME loan, conducting a thorough analysis of your company’s credit needs and potential benefits is crucial.

    You should be well-versed in your business’s existing debt and credit scores, as they significantly impact the loan approval process.

  • Build & Maintain A Robust Credit History:
    Business owners should consistently build their credit lines and adhere to repayment schedules.

    Doing so generates higher returns and establishes a solid financial track record or credit history.

  • Partner with A Professional Loan Agent:
    Managing relationships with multiple financial institutions can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

    Therefore, to streamline the process, hiring a professional loan agent can help you obtain customised loan offers tailored to your specific needs.

While having a high credit score can enhance your chances of securing a new business loan, it’s not an absolute requirement.

If your business lacks a credit score, your personal credit history can be used as an alternative as well.