Professional Loan Agency Company in Malaysia

Bluebricks Holding, a financial consultant company who has gone through many things and help client solved numerous problems related to loans, which is why Bluebricks is widely regarded as the leading loan agency company in Malaysia.

We have a wide range of contact with various banks and lenders in Malaysia. There are no loans that we couldn’t do, for ten years, we have covered and resolved many complicated loans application issues from banks and lenders.

We Are Your “Loan Doctor”.
If Your Loan Not Approve, We Can Help You.

Equipped with years of experience facing various problems, Bluebricks developed many techniques and abilities to become the preminent loan specialist in the loan industry as a loan agency company in Malaysia.

Get Your Loan Approved
Even If You Have Bad Credit Scoring in CCRIS and CTOS or Blacklisted.

Cash flow forecasting and risk assessment, helps you see your cash flow in an entirely new light. We solve clients’ loan rejected issues even one has bad credit scoring in ccris, ctos or blacklisted. Our company is aiming at achieving more than 80% high loan approval rate, and often achieve higher margin of finance which was one of the main reason client turn down the bank offers these days.

Licensed Mortgage Broker Company

We work closely with almost all the banks in Malaysia, therefore all the procedures and practices are cautiously audited to prevent any fraud or wrongful doing between our staff and clients.

Free Consultation & Documents

Prior to the loan submission, every consultation and reports for CCRIS and CTOS are FREE, and we do not take any deposit or prepayment for all the works carried out.


Should one need debt consolidation prior to loan submission, we would refer you to licensed money lending party for validation of possible funding up to RM 2,000,000. with terms and conditions applied.
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Frequent Asked Questions

There is no upfront processing fee, stamp duty, legal fee or anything like that. If any of our consultant is asking any payment from you upfront, please do inform our BlueBricks management. We would report him/her to the police with you, and bring justice to the victims. 

It was due to there is many loan scams in the marketplace today and they scam you by asking you pay loan processing fee. Bluebricks likes to ensure you apply your loan with us with relief and serenity, thus there is no upfront fee. But we ain't no charge fee for our services. It is just you don't pay us until you have gotten your loan from bank.

Bluebricks would only get paid after bank disburse the monies to your bank account. Prior to that, you would not being asked for a single cent.

Bluebricks don't ask for prepayment for 2 reasons. Firstly, too many loan scams out there cheat you by asking for prepayment. Bluebricks decided not to take any prepayment as we want you to feel safe and relief while we working on your bank loan; Secondly, Bluebricks understand your pain as we wouldn't want any upfront fee or prepayment that would further increase your already heavy burden. Thus, Bluebricks has decided to only charge our fee after your loan disbursement.

Bluebricks gets her profit by helping clients to acquire loan from bank successfully. Bluebricks would not be paid any fee if your bank loan is not successful. Thus, Bluebricks is 100% in this together with you as we all know there is only fee collection upon the success of the bank loan.

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