Why My Loan Will Still Get Rejected Even I am a Good Paymaster?

Miss Jessie is from Cheras, and she has been working in home furnishing industry for a long time. 

Understand client's problem patiently

In fact, when we get to know her better, she told us she has been working in her family business. And business has been moderate until the pandemic hits everyone last year. When no one walks the mall, and all the road show has to be cancelled. Whereas the traffic to their shop wasn’t as great compared to last time.

Struggling To Save Their Family Business

Many of her competitors has since begun to transform into digital marketing and sell their products online.

Jessie understood the needs of transforming hers too. Like many old fashioned family business, it was hard telling the oldsters to do things differently. But, her parents and the uncle and aunt are convinced by her to transform their business or they knew all the hard works of all these years would go down the drain.  

Now, it seems like a good news to have everyone comes together for a change, but their reserves is so low that they don’t know how to cover their monthly expenses. 

IF you were her, what would you do?

Thus, all the elderly have been putting their own savings to just keep the operations of the company running. She wants to help out but she has not much savings, so she decided to refinance the house that she bought years ago. She would use this refinanced money to loan to the company, as she knew the future of home furnishing industry is still bright. She just had to get over this big hurdle. 

Bank Rejected Her Loan Even She Paid On Time?

She has been paying her instalment on time, and yet her loan is rejected. 

I guess many would be thinking the same. Why would a person not getting her refinancing when she has a property to put as collateral, and property outstanding balance as oppose to the market value now the margin is big. And most importantly Jessie is a good paymaster. Why would she not getting her loan approved? 

The problem of her loan rejection lies on the bank’s perspective of her eligibility to pay back the new loan.

Understanding The Problem and Provide Solution

In fact, we found out that she has problems with her income documents. After going thru thoroughly with her income docs, and understand the situation of these income comes to her, we finally got the important clue to support her ideal loan amount. And her loan got approved after 3 weeks we submitted for her. 

When we met her upon signing the Letter Offer from Ambank, she was smiling happily that we barely see her eyes!

We are gladful to the client that has introduced Jessie to us, and thankful to Jessie is willing to walk us through all the problems and resources she is had. So we could make full use of every details to show to the bank that she is capable and eligible to pay back the bank loan later. 

Herein, we wish Jessie all the best in her home furnishing business, and could eventually transform it to digital selling and do so much better! 



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